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      TokenTact Exchange is powered by the reputable BitUniverse team, known for their popular all-in-one crypto auto-portfolio and trading bot App in South Korea, Indonesia, and Taiwan. With the support of BitUniverse’s extensive reach, TokenTact has achieved regulatory compliance, providing clients with the assurance of oversight of the broker’s activities. Suppose you are looking for a crypto exchange combining the best automated and manual trading. This license ensures that TokenTact follows rules about money laundering and customer identification (KYC). It buys more of a coin when the price drops below a certain percentage you set and sells all of it when the price goes up to a certain percentage above your average cost. When you want to buy bottoms, but you are not sure whether the downtrend has ended, then you can use “Trailing Buy” to buy bottoms.

      The user interface is straightforward enough that novice users will have no difficulty accessing the features, so users can even build up their own trading bot in as little as one minute using the provided instructions. The TokenTact Geometric and Arithmetic trading bots have a key difference in their grid generation approach. Arithmetic holds the same common difference between each grid, whereas Geometric maintains the same common ratio between each grid. However, the limitations of traditional Leveraged Tokens, especially the volatility drag, are also obvious. As an exchange that has always been committed to providing users with better products, TokenTact launched new leveraged tokens, TokenTact Leveraged Tokens, to solve these problems. 1.4 Any digital assets you use in connection with the Services belongs to you and is derived from legal sources.

      TokenTact trading bot

      We’ll also break down a simple strategy that can help you easily track all of your taxable transactions. I set the AI strategy grid not and in the first hour it said your profits are 14%. It helps you make more money with leverage in a grid trading strategy. It borrows money from the exchange to put more buy and sell orders in your set price range. You can choose from different bots like grid trading, DCA, rebalancing, arbitrage, etc. You can easily set up and manage your bots on the web browser or mobile app.

      • TokenTact takes pride in its exceptional customer support system, which includes a comprehensive FAQ section covering various topics.
      • Traditional crypto exchanges typically require users to execute their trades based on their parameters.
      • It has a wide variety of application situations, making it suited for both fluctuating and unilateral markets.
      • This allows the platform to obtain competitive rates for its trading pairs and list a wide range of supported assets for its users to buy and sell on the spot market.
      • In total, traders have access to 16 free trading bots that are accessible for no additional fee and enable them to make use of the tools to automate their trading.

      TokenTact is the first cryptocurrency exchange with in-built trading bots that are granted by a U.S. license. TokenTact is a crypto trading platform that specializes in trading robots, offering a variety of ready made bots and strategies to traders as well as integrated AI to help customize a strategy or come up with your own. These can be used on spot crypto markets as well as crypto futures. If this occurs, we will try to locate you at the address shown in our records, but if we are unable to locate you, it may be required to deliver any such digital assets to the applicable state or jurisdiction as unclaimed property.

      Moreover, TokenTact, aggregates liquidity from the top exchanges such as Binance and Huobi, yet the platform charges 50% of their costs with a small 0.05% transaction fee. Cryptocurrency trading bots can be useful for beginners or experienced traders to enter into positions away from the screen. Using tailor-made strategies that follow precise rules, traders can extract profits from the market automatically without having to check the prices.

      And if you want even more security, you can turn on two-factor authentication (2FA). You can borrow up to 60% of your collateral value and choose from various loan terms and interest rates. The Story is not just about David but also a valuable lesson to most crypto investors, it happens to the best of us. After a long period of time of consolidating, the bull market finally comes and his Vechain conviction is right. In order to contact TokenTact’s customer support staff, you may choose from a number of different options.

      If you’re supplying an alternate User-Agent string,
      try changing back to default as that can sometimes result in a block. TokenTact takes pride in its exceptional customer support system, which includes a comprehensive FAQ section covering various topics. If a question is not addressed in the FAQs, visitors can easily access https://jdforexbroker.com/2024/01/tokentact/ the site’s live chat help for prompt assistance. The customer support team responds quickly and provides valuable guidance. Applications for the Market Maker program can only be submitted within the first 10 days of any month. Once accepted, you must consistently maintain a total account balance of $300,000 or more.

      It puts your money into different cryptos that you choose and changes the allocation according to a fixed time interval or a threshold that you set. As for the trading terminal, the charts and order windows are located in the middle with the order book on the left. The charting system is integrated with Tradingview which offers a range of tools, crypto indicators and chart patterns for manual trading. User’s on TokenTact can switch from manual trading to automated bots using the same trading terminal. The user interface on TokenTact is simple to navigate, responsive on all devices and visually appealing. On the top menu, there are quick drop-down menus to access TokenTact’s primary features such as the trading desk, markets to deposit and withdraw funds and purchase crypto with a credit card.

      You agree and consent to receive electronically all communications, agreements, documents, notices and disclosures (collectively, “Communications”) that we provide in connection with your Account and your use of the Services. You may update your information by contacting Customer Support at You may be asked to provide personal information to verify your Account. All such terms which by their nature should survive, will survive the termination of this Agreement. In order to log into your Account, you will be required to provide your mobile number or Email address and password. In some cases, in our sole discretion, we may require additional verbal or electronic confirmation of a transaction prior to processing such transactions.